We have manufactured Automatic Mini Flour Mill, Dal and Besan Plant, Sattu Plant, Mirch, Haldi Dhania & Dalya, and many more plants. India's best flour mill maker. We have Change our machine with change technique and develop a fully automatic plant. The high-quality Flour Mill product Manufacturer. Azad Machinery works uses the latest Technique in flour mill making. That's our customer has believed in our products. The company has provided the satisfaction of work. The Technique & Designing we have used is the latest and modern. Since 1930 The Azad Machinery works Private Limited has Success running.


      • We have develop the plant successful many of state of India and Abroad.
      • We have use the high quality steel and goods.
      • The machine Develop by expert.
      • We have fully responsible for technical fault in machine under in Three Months.
      • The order has completed under the time limit.
      • The plant has been based on short space and low power capability system, given to the high productivity.
      • All the machines are turned and run on soft bearing system.
      • Self develop plant.
      • The machines given full range of productivity.

      • A.M.W. Pvt. Ltd. run successfully since 1930.


Atta Chakki Plant
Single Atta Chakki Plant
Pulverizer Machine

Azad Machinery Works Pvt. Ltd. – Are a Manufacturer of Fully Automatic Flour Mill Plants, Atta Chakki Plant & Wheat Cleaning Machine. Azad Machinery Works Since From 1930 And 89 years of Excellence. Azad Machinery Works – flour mill is 89 years old manufacturers of domestic flour mill, commercial flour mill, pulverizers and other grinding machinery.

Azad Machinery Works- We are a manufacturer of Industrial Flour Mill, Dal Besan Mill, Mirch, Haldi Dhania & Dalya, Sattu Plant, Ayurvedic Medicine Plant & also deals in Machine parts.

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