Careful operation of pulverizer machine for powder

Pulverizer machine for powder

In the operation method, the powder pulverizer primarily uses the speedy rotary result of device blood to attain the traditional pulverization of dry material. The pulverizer is principally used for crushing, crushing and elevation throughout the device producing method. Motor and alternative parts.

Pulverizer machine for powder

The powder pulverizer utilizes its ultra-fast single-phase motor as its power for the occasion of powder, and might facilitate the complete device crush soft and hard pharmaceutical ingredients quickly. within the operation method, Indian flavorer medicines typically need 0.5 a moment to crush 50-200. Purpose Powder.

Preparation of pulverizer machine for powder before work

1.Powder pulverizer mud collector extends the door to some extent, closes the feeding jaw throughout operational, and so covers the most grinding to wash the setting.

Powder crusher operating procedure

1. Place the master patchboard on the manual position.

2.  begin the draft fan button (green).

3.  begin the rotary screen button (green) underneath traditional induction fan current.

4.  begin the needle button (green).

5.  begin the sub-mill button (green).

6.  begin key mill button (green).

7.  begin the feed button (green) once the most motor current is traditional.

Powder pulverizer machine for caution

1. Powder device desires emergency hindrance at the time of failure. the most patchboard is ready to “0”, and also the whole system is functioning.

2. If the powder device is emergency hindrance, this toner chamber still contains the fabric. In such cases, once it must be reshaped, it must have complied with the subsequent settings: auxiliary grinding, grinding screen, and machine discharge. Main grinder, exalting draft fan, feeder.

3.  once exchange the powder device, concentrate to what’s the heartbeat and gas supply.

4. Secondary mill of powder device isn’t allowed to be moved  consecutively once dynamic  frequency.

5.once dynamic  the powder mill feed, the speed will be adjusted.