Features of grinding machine for turmeric powder

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Turmeric powder fine grinding machine is universal and simple to control. Equipped with PLC management and graphic simulation output and bit screen by the instrumentation. it’s appropriate for production of product higher than 150kg / h and therefore the production capability will reach 500kg / h.

Turmeric Powder Machine Cone Grinding and Tank agitative Grinding Receive Fine Grinding impact Self-cleaning and high preciseness separation color medium are often used with grinding diameter of zero.8 ~ 2.5 m.

The process space is little and closed grinding so the pollution is reduced. The grinding space is created of special high wear-resistant steel to confirm the service lifetime of the products.

Grinding Machine for turmeric powder employs all foreign high-precision bearings and every one foreign double-acting mechanical in these seven seals and may be a temperature-sensitive material appropriate for cooling and heating with an inside rotation kind integrated system.

Pre-set parameter storage, makes the pure separation of the rotating grinding chamber terribly simple, while not the requirement for product or body unleash. the big space ensures the warmth transfer of cooling water circulation instrumentation.

Turmeric Powder Fine Grinder is associate freelance mechanical seal designed to confirm cooling effectiveness and repair lifetime of the mechanical seal. The bit screen controls the system in an exceedingly “directed” method. Automatic acquisition, showing vital work knowledge.

The product is fast and simple, and therefore the cleansing is complete. The process space is little and has reduced cross-contamination. distinctive cooling system, appropriate for temperature-sensitive material, appropriate chamber corrosion-resistant grinding twenty. The chamber is little for grinding and fast to scrub.