Flour Mill Plant main components and operating characteristics

Flour mill plant is specially used for cleaning wheat, corn and other items, and can quickly meet sample washing and pre-treatment needs. Flour mill consists of four systems: electric, feeding, milling and squeezing; electric system includes motor, sill, v-belt, spindle sill and spindle; feeding system hope, plate and self.

Includes automatic feeding. Feeding pipe; The grinding system is made of a grinding body and a frame. The discharge port consists of a feed air pipe, a shokun, and a receiving belt.

In the original production, the electric flour mill can feel fast feeding and continuous feeding output with no screen. The whole wheat flour of plant sample wheat meets pre-treatment requirements for gluten determination. Provide standard powder samples for landing values, gluten parameters, viscosity values and various biological indicators.

This series of flour mill sellers adopts a unique structural design, which can effectively reduce sample loss and increase powder extraction rate. Combined with a closed touch switch to prevent dust pollution and improve reliability. In addition, protein, fat and the like are not wasted during the sales process.