Grinding machine light powder Installation instructions


Installation instructions for light powder grinding machine

Light powder grinding machine has the advantage of easy structure, stable operation, and sturdiness. within the grinding method, the pulverizing result is sweet, and also the pulverised material are often directly aloof from the most machine’s grinding chamber, and also the particles square measure obtained by screen obtained by varied pipe diameters.

The light grinder is all chrome steel, and also the inner wall of the screw is machined to attain an appropriate surface, that meets the merchandise quality needs.

About lightweight Powder Grinding Machine Installation Material:

1. After putting in the device, it ought to be placed on a solid and solid base surface and might be mounted with anchor bolts.

2. In the lightweight mill installation method, it’s necessary that the most body is horizontal.

3. once putting in the machine per the wants, please concentrate as to if the bolts of every half square measure tightened, and whether or not the most engine door is tight. If necessary tighten it. And put together the facility twine and management switch per the facility of the device.

4. once examination and certification, it’s necessary to check the empty load on lightweight load, and once confirming the conventional condition it’s doable to enter the output.