What are the structural performance characteristics of fine pulverizers?

The structural performance characteristics of fine pulverizers

Fine Pulverizer could be a device which will clean 2-6 metric linear unit pure rubber particles in fine powder with a particle size of 40-200 mesh at temperature. it’s ready to do that as a result of fine device contains a distinctive structure and high properties, creating it one in all the foremost vital instrumentation within the industry.

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The structure of fine pulverizer is principally a pulverizing motor, variable frequency feed mechanism, disk adjustment mechanism, hopper, dynamic disk, body, key shaft, tube collection, water cooling system rotation, and cooperation with every section in an exceedingly distinctive means. General Chat Chat Lounge, harmony.

In a fine device, there ar grinding elements fabricated from inorganic compound disc fabricated from W inorganic compound. The disc body is created of special material and belongs to the special compliance treatment, that makes the whole device with impact resistance, high wear resistance, smart toughness, and long service life. And different vital edges.

From a structural purpose of read, the whole fine device adopts a horizontal structure and therefore the machine processes the half within the body with numerical management technology. This not solely ensures the accuracy and exactness of the instrumentation, however the structure is additionally cheap and therefore the power is low. Low vibration, simple installation and maintenance.

In addition, the fine pulverizer accepts individual on-line detection feeding procedures, and therefore the PLC program controls the feeding quantity to extend production. And its dynamic disk differentiation is controlled by the PLC program, which might greatly improve the top quality of rubber powder, the high degree of automation, high output, and simple operation.

In addition, the fine pulverizer conjointly uses a intrinsic¬† current water cooling system, which might effectively cut back the temperature generated throughout operation, in order that throughout powder evaluation or the method of sorption. won’t stick, that works in improvement. Performance and repair lifetime of the disk.

According to the higher than style, the accumulated fine grinder are able to do a process capability of twenty eight kg/hour, its spindle speed is controlled at 60-160 revolutions per minute, the feed particle size is 2-6 metric linear unit, and discharge the fabric size is 40- two hundred mesh, in complete compliance with the wants for crushing of relevant materials.