Wheat Grinder Maintenance

Wheat Grinder

1. In the wheat grinder production method, the bearing should check the temperature rise, once the temperature is on top of fifty, the cause ought to be closed to examine and eliminate the fault.

2. when the new wheat grinder machine is running, the transmission belt is simple to increase, ought to concentrate to regulate the belt’s acceptable intensity to make sure the work lifetime of the belt.

3. the components ar typically checked to wear, timely replacement to make sure the standard and output of the merchandise.

4. blood, the liner should check the wear and tear and tear if worn, cut back the yield, wear once resizing coarse grains.

5. Mayor 265-295 No. two ar lubricated with special grease and grading mobile bearings.

6. Wheat grinder grease length of the impact of two,000 hours, the number of grease filling the depth of the impact shouldn’t be an excessive amount of to fill 1/2 (on) or 3/4 (measured) grease or its impact. The temperature are going to be terribly high. General Chat Chat Lounge

7. spiral feeder grease for 4000 hours, additionally to traditional calcium-based grease.

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